Monday, September 17, 2012

the 5 weeks to nwm recap.

this last week was a big rollercoaster of ups-finishing my 8th class-and downs-wondering if my relationship was going survive. both came out smoothly, but not with a hell of a lot work, emotion, and conversations. through it all it reminded me how much i truly love to run and that it really does keep me sane.



well i didnt sleep in nearly as late as usual since we were at mandalay bay for my birthday staycation. that bed was seriously so comfortable! there was some definite lounging as long as possible and then i got to go shopping for my birthday present:) good day.

monday~4-5 miles.
5.2 miles = 49:17 minutes/9:28 min/mile

i was all ready to go to my runner group until i went to change after work and realized i forgot both socks and a sports bra:/ that meant i had to go home to get those things so i just ran around home instead. i decided it was time to put all this work ive been doing in pt to the test. so i ran without my watch, just my meternome app on low so i could hear it only when the street got really quiet. it actually went really well! not quite as fast as i have been, but it was completely pain free! ill take that right now any day.

6am body flow
1 hour of pt

the original plan was to do spin and body flow then go to pt. part of all the ups and downs last week meant not much sleep so spin just didnt happen. i was really glad i didnt after getting to pt, it kicked my butt! body flow though is so much different now that different muscles are being used, i love it!

wednesday~4 miles.
 4.22 miles = 39:18 minutes/9:18 min/mile

the temperature is finally starting to come down and i was able to go for the 1st time in a long time without water! that is a big deal to us in the desert people haha. i woke up incredibly sore from body flow and pt the day before. felt better when i started moving around, and even better when i started running. i was pretty sore for the rest of the day but really only in certain running muscles thank goodness. my knee felt great, but now my left hip is really starting to hurt, oh jeez.
were gonna just ignore that 90% and
focus on the big 65 instead.
thursday~body pump.
1 hour of pt

i had all the intentions in the world of going since my therapist told me to man up and go, but i stayed up late again on wednesday night that i slept through body pump. made it to pt in plenty of time and we did the normal strengthening things along with some hip extensions. ron thinks its all muscle. as in now it has to work and hasnt had to in a long time so now its mad that it does! ill take it haha.


i was lucky enough to come home to a clean house and off work a 1/2 hour earlier then planned! for some reason that 1/2 hour really makes a difference. so lots of couch lounging and a delicous pasta dinner was in order for my very adult friday night:)

saturday-11 miles
9.03 miles = 1:29:35 minutes/9:55 min/mile

my training plan said 11 but my therapists plan said something else. i needed to return to the hills since nike is full of them so we compromised on 9 hilly instead of 11 flat. somehow i conviced one of my runner group friends jenn to come with me at 515a since i had to work at 9a! she is such a trooper:) i was pretty nervous to tackle this hilly route, but it actually went really really well. i tackled those hills like a boss with her by my side! my hip hurt for quite awhile but my knee felt great. the time flew by as we chatted the whole time. i totally realized the value of having someone to run long with! we grabbed some coffee after where jen said told me i looked like i could have added more miles if i wanted to, and i felt great all the way through work. very successful return to the hills!
Pinned Image
i felt like this might be true for the 1st time ever.source
totals for the week = 18.45 miles+1 day of cross-training+2 pt sessions

even with all the ups and downs plus not sleeping great pretty much all week, my training was still there. nike is getting so close i can almost feel it! and my return to the hills felt sooo good.

26 days to the nike womens 1/2 marathon!!!

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Megan said...

You're so close! So excited for you!

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