Monday, October 17, 2011

the 8 weeks left to vegas recap.

i know im a day late again, but this weekend just didnt have enough time in it for everything! so now home i am starting my very quick turn around into another training cycle. i have never done a turn around this quick so it should be an interesting experiment for me. i also decided to do these recaps as a countdown since it is so fast. plus it keeps things fresh:) i know the posting has been sporatic, i promise to get back onto a schedule soon and everything will be posted when it is supposed to. so many things happened all with in a few short weeks and i want to tell everyone all about them. plus each should get its moment in the sun!

sunday~long beach 1/2 marathon!
13.1 miles =2:03:56 minutes/9:26 min/miles.

this was a HUGE 10 minute pr for me and such a great race! everything just fell into place from the food the night before, to getting to bed early, to having the right pre-race food, to getting in the correct corral at the start. if you havent read my full race report, check it out here so you can hear all about it. i was feeling really good the whole way and was determined to break 1 of my goals i had set out in my head. i ended up breaking 2 of them instead:)

who said rest had to be boring:)
nick and jesis wedding 10.10.11

wednesday~3 miles if i was ready.
rest. my body was not ready.

after dancing all night in my 4" heels on monday and getting to bed late 2 nights in a row, my body just said no when i thought about getting a run in. i gladly took one more day of relaxation!

thursday~body pump.
4.2 miles =41:15 minutes/9:46 min/miles.

since i hadnt gotten a run in since the race i decided to make today the 1st day back a run to feel out my body. i felt good during and was able to go a little further before stopping then i thought i was going to. also with the return of running came the instant return of training hunger. i could not get full to save my life. seriously, 30 minutes after a meal i was hungry again! good thing the diet had lightened up a little:)
yum yum!
 friday~4 miles.
5.2 miles =51:09 minutes/9:49 min/ miles.

gladly back to the friday special! after feeling good from the 4 miler i knew i could make it through the 5 miler. plus i knew if i really needed to i could slow down. my legs seemed to just glide along and happy to be running 2 days in a row. i was super excited about the time and there was even the slightest bit of a chill in the air, fall might actually get here some time in october!

1 hour zumba class.
5 miles =48:00 minutes/9:35 min/miles.

my mom has been trying to get me to go to zumba for about 6 months and i have always found an excuse. so friday she called again to invite me and i decided i should probably just go for it. i also figured out that i could join in on a run that my runner group was doing around the back half of vegas afterward. debi, our founder, turned 40 on thursday and for her birthday had decided to do a 40 mile run to celebrate (pure insanity if you ask me). she had been recruiting people to run for months and i had always said maybe. finally once details were posted i actually figured out i could meet her at mile 23.5 and run down the hill (smart thinking) to about mile 28.5 to where the next group would pick her up. also conveniently my mom was going to be at a shopping center across the way so she could take me back to my car.

so i met up with my mom and her friends to embark on my 1st zumba class just before 9am. the class was packed and i wasnt totally sure what i was getting into. now, i consider myself someone with decent rythym, not great, but ok. well that apparently doesnt matter in this class at all! the problem i ran into was the instructor didnt show what the moves where until you were actually doing them. so by the time i got it, we had moved on to the next one. but i can definitely see why people go religiously and you can definitely lose weight doing it! i think ill stick to running though instead.

afterward i drove a little further north to meet up with debi and the rest of the group once they came out of red rock. they were running a bit late, no surprise there, and were super excited to pick up another runner. it was about 1130a and the sun was not friendly so it was gettin pretty warm. they grabbed water from dolly who was meeting them at every stop to keep the group hydrated and sunscreened up. i attached my handheld and started my ipod timer as the 10 of us trekked down the hill. we lost a couple on the way since they had put in many miles and were ready to call it a day. by the time we made it to the next stop and my drop off there were only 4 of us! we saw debis parents that had flown out from florida for the event a couple times and the time flew by. i felt like i could have gone further because we were having such a good time, but knew that i didnt need to. plus my body later that night and sunday reminded me i had just run a 1/2 marathon less than a week before it was ok to call it in at 5 miles:)
the suncoast group!
totals for the week = 27.52 miles and 0 cross training days.

this was such a great week and i did everything i wanted to! i got in an extra rest day between the race and coming back on to my next training cycle. i did met up with debi when i wasnt sure how that was going to work. my legs/body felt great when i did get back into it. plus i got some great mileage in this week:) vegas is coming awful quick and my new experiment should be very interesting. stay tuned!!

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