Sunday, October 30, 2011

the 6 weeks left to vegas recap.

the i feel much better putting up the 6 weeks this time vs my mistake last time. and by much better i just mean slightly less freaked out! this quick turn-around is starting freak me out a little, i wont lie. but i think im startin to get a handle on all of it.


gladly taken after the running around saturday!

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =43:38 minutes/9:14 min/mile.

i returned to my runner group 1 week post knee/pavement injury. the guys were glad to see me back and my knee was healing pretty well. i was able to keep up with derek all the way up and down the hill, even in the dark. it is really starting to get dark early and im wondering if we need to start meeting a little earlier. that or i need some reflective gear!

tuesday~6.5 miles.
6.73 miles =1:08:39 minutes/10:12 min/mile.

this is pretty much the exact pace i was doing on long runs in my last cycle so i am stoked. during this run i had the definite realization that i was in training for another race. i have been a little freaked out about doing such a close turn-around. plus my mom that is also training with me was up to 9 in the same week. i was feeling really behind, but evened out a little bit after this run. i set out when it was still dark and probably should have worn at least a short sleeve shirt instead of a tank top because it was just chilly enough. the route came easily and i felt good throughout the run! plus i got a great 2 hour nap when i got back before going to work:)

6am spin class.

i had a little trouble gettin out of bed wednesday for spin, and pretty sure the only reason i did was the potluck at work we were having later that day. i had to get my calorie burn in early so i could enjoy all the goodies! this class was not the greatest. there werent many familiar faces, the music was great, and the instructor still had 1 too many songs to end on time. i was super excited to get back to spin, but this class deflated me a little. hoping next week is better!
chocolate goulash.
my backwards motivation!
thursday~body pump.        

6am body pump class.

there was a routine this week and i could not be more excited! it definitely kicked my butt, but it was sooo good. i was a little sore throughout the day. definitely worth it to get a new body pump track though! 

friday~4 miles.
6.2 miles =58:58 minutes/9:30 min/mile.

it was nevada day here, so we had the day off! i slept in a little then went for a run around 8am since its a little cooler. i wanted to sleep more but we had family in town and i was meeting them around lunch time, so i had to get up a little earlier than i would have liked. i was a bit sore from body pump but set out anyway. the wind was fired up and was in my face the whole first leg. when i got to the turn point to head back i decided i was feeling good and would go down to the next street. turns out the next street didnt go anywhere so i had to go one more. i actually really liked the little change up and who will say no to an extra mile when your feelin good?!

i finally saw ides of march! seriously good. definitely go and see if you havent!

totals for the week = 17.65 miles + 2 days of cross training.

this week i had my first real long run of my training cycle and that made everything very real. it was also a tough week for me emotionally with so many things going on. this usually happens when i really kick a training cycle in gear and it was the 2nd week in my new class (which by the way is pretty difficult and i am so ready to be done already), not 2 things to put together wisely. but i made it through and got all my training in!

35 days till the las vegas rock and roll marathon!!

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