Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the no boys allowed weekend.

some days i wonder what it would have been like to live by myself? outside of my parents house but not with roommates. i had roommates in college of course. some were bat-freakin-nuts and some were amazing. once i graduated from college i moved home to my parents yet i always longed for that independence.

growing up it was instilled in me that you never live with a boy before you are married (ps if you havent read the background story, check it out here). so when i decided to finally move out and in with richard i was afraid of how it would work with my parents. they werent exactly ok with it, they werent exactly not ok either. they did told me they would work on it and that was all i could ask for. since we have moved in i have loved it! its a whole new chapter in my life and am so glad that i did. this past weekend i got a taste of what it would have been like it i did get that pure independence...

since we moved in last october i have only stayed one night here by myself, it was a rough, unplanned night 4th of july weekend. i had gone out of town a few times with family/friends since living together, but he hadnt. this time he was headed to a 2-day concert event in southern california with some friends and i had the apartment to myself! i didnt have big plans but it was all about me. they had left friday morning so when i came home from work that afternoon it was different kind of empty. i spent the first few hours cleaning. i didnt want to do it later in the weekend and i wanted a clean house.
boys watch tron when we are out of town,
girls watch mama mia:)
once clean it felt like a whole different place. there were no more boy germs and i knew that any mess left for the whole weekend would only be mine. when i left at anytime during the weekend i knew it was going to look the exact same as when i left it. i changed the sheets to flannel immediately. i grew up sleeping on flannel sheets, but richard hates them, tells me they are way too warm to sleep on. so i was going to take full advantage while he was away 2 nights.
flannel sheets, my true love!
saturday i had to work open house, it did break up my weekend a little bit. afterwords i headed to hobby lobby to pick up a few halloween things and a few things for my arts and crafts time (more on that in a later post, its a secret). i talked to richard while at work when i was waiting for my student to finish up everything. he had called the day before but we didnt get to talk much. we had texted quite a bit back and forth throughout the day though, thank goodness for technology!

my craftiness at work!
i ended up taking an hour nap on the couch at 630p that night and loved it. i could take naps whenever i wanted and where ever i wanted (richard hates when i fall asleep on the couch with him while he watches tv). i got to eat dinner whenever i wanted and watched finding nemo, i seriously love that movie. by this time though, i was startin to really miss richard. i had heard from him quite a few times the day before, but saturday was less and less. plus i had woken up from nap when it was super dark outside and i think i discombobulated myself a little bit.

going to bed that night i struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep. i went to bed rather early around 930p and just didnt sleep right. i had a long run in the morning early and knew i needed some sleep. i had originally planned to go to a friends birthday event, but decided i didnt want to go without richard since i met them through him. plus with some recent events (involving some not so nice girls) i wasnt really comfortable going by myself. finally i fell asleep curled up in my flannel sheets and slept till my alarm went off the next morning.

430am comes awful early on a sunday! being home by myself i didnt have to worry about waking anyone else up though. i scooted out the door into the dark for my 10 miler and last long run of my cycle. i just about beat the sun all the way home and felt really good after having 2 great nights of sleep! i was meeting my parents for breakfast later that morning so i headed into the shower pretty quick so i could sleep for about an hour before i had to get up again.

after i got out of the shower i was headed to the thermostat to turn down the air a little bit while i slept when i noticed bags on the counter that werent mine. richard came around the corner in his glasses (which i love and he rarely wears) and looking exhausted! they had decided after getting back to the hotel late to just drive all the way home and sleep in their own beds instead of getting half assed sleep in the hotel. i was so glad to have him home and to get to take a nap with him before i left:)

i met my parents for breakfast a little while later and we had a really good time. mom and i traded long runs/walks and how we were feeling. dad had lifted that morning so he was telling me all about it as well. we had a lot of things to talk about and it made breakfast fly by. afterward my mom and i went to get mani/pedis and they felt so good! im telling you, best rest idea ever.

having richard home when i got there was great. i was glad to have the apartment to myself for the weekend and that he had an amazing time with his friends, but glad we could get back to being us. i am a creature of habit i have realized, shocking i know. i like change and can deal with it, but sometimes no change is even better. it was great to have the apartment to myself for the weekend and get to experience a small taste of that! and there are still some days where i wonder what would have happened if i did. but, i have a pretty great thing going now:)
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