Monday, October 10, 2011

the week 18 recap.

the final training week, we are finally here! wow. were really here?? i cant believe i am getting ready to race 1/2 marathon #5 in only 2 short years. and i get to go back to where it all started! as much as i fought long beach and signed up for a different race, there is a certain comfort going back to a course you have been to before. this is the 1st race i have ever repeated. im definitely getting excited!

sunday~4 miles.

i kept feeling like i was supposed to run today, but just couldnt get myself to do it. i added these 4 miles to the training plan last minute so i felt it was ok missing it. with all the excitement the week before i needed some serious sleep. not waking up until noon that day was sooo worth it.

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =43:36 minutes/9:14 min/miles.

fall had almost arrived by monday and we were headed for a major cool down tuesday. the weather was great tonight and our little group grew by one face from the wednesday night group. my running partner was back and regaled the group with his crazy ironman stories with a mix of the st george marathon a few others had run 2 days before. the time flew by and those boys had me scaling that hill like no tomorrow. i ate lunch really late that day and i think i drank too much water because i was not feeling so hot at the end. finished strong with derrick pulling me along, but glad we were done!

tuesday~4 miles.
5.2 miles =50:15 minutes/9:39 min/miles.

heck yeah i will take those 2 paces the week before a race! i was a little creeky when i started because it was supposed to rain that day and my body sometimes feels like an 80 year-old man when the weather goes a little crazy. once i got about a mile in though, i felt great! i was at the turn around point quick and i seemed to just go on autopilot back home. i caught an awesome 2 hour power nap after my shower and even had breakfast with richard before i had to go to work. it was a good morning:)

6am spin class.

so i think we have a new permanent spin teacher, the same one from last week. however this week wasnt that great. she seemed a little frazzled and went over on the time limit which always drives me crazy. i mean we get 55 minutes with cool down, get your timing right. we would have been fine if she hadnt added the extra song. i actually bailed on the last one and did my own stretching while the class was on their last working song. i felt kinda bad, but not really!

hmmm...apparently by rest i mean catch up on all the other things in my life!
maybe i should do laundry more than once a month,
haha just kidding!

by rest i mean travel:)  

totals for the week = 9.92 miles + 1 cross training day.

this is the week to leave it all on the table. once i get to here i know i have done everything i could and put in as many miles as my body would allow me to (although i should have added another mile somewhere this week so i could have had an even 10 haha). i have to trust my training from here and know that i did everything i could.

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