Sunday, October 23, 2011

the 7 weeks left to vegas recap.

i think my countdown strategy might be freaking me out more than i think! ok, its probably all in my head instead. i do feel a little better now that i realized last week was actually week 8, making this week 7. when i saw 6 weeks i almost had a heart attack! this week was a little interesting and some definite adjustments needed to happen.


i gladly took this day to recover after my craziness from saturday, and really the whole week.

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =44:45 minutes/9:28 min/mile.

finally the return to my runner group! i missed these guys and dennis came back this week after a stress fracture in his foot. we had great weather and i got to chit chattin a little too much (surprise, surprise), didnt watch where i was going, tripped, and fell right into the rocks on the route! and i fell hard. i pounded my right knee into the ground, scuffed up my elbow, and got a few scratches on my left hand. i picked myself up after a few mins and continued up the hill. the guys gave me a hard time of course, but i finished the miles! i didnt even cry haha. came home to clean it up and put lots and lots of ice on it for the night!
real athletes get up and keep going:)
tuesday~5 miles.

after my pretty rockin spill on monday i could barely get out of bed tuesday. it hurt to have anything touch it and i hobbled around pretty much all day. i had to go to the doctor for something else that day, so i got a really good antibiotic cream to help it heal. definitely a rest day.

i had already planned this as a rest day if i wanted it since it was only my 2nd week back into training and gladly took it. my knee was still pretty swollen and i for sure needed another day.

thursday~body pump.
4.2 miles =39:02 minutes/9:16 min/miles.

after taking off 2 days midweek i decided to run thursday intstead. my body didnt totally love the idea, i must say. it felt heavy and i struggled a little bit to keep pushing. my knee was ok, hurt a little, but the rest of me just wasnt in it. i was super shocked when i got back to the house though and had a really good pace. i did feel good the rest of the day though, so i knew it was worth it.

friday~4 miles.
5.2 miles =49:25 minutes/9:30 min/miles.

with thursday being a kind of flop according to my body i definitely had to pull myself out of bed friday morning. but as soon as i got out to the pavement i felt really good. my body found a rhythm pretty easily and i felt really good! my mind went off to somewhere else and i was home before i knew it!


training rest, yes. life rest, not so much. i worked in the morning and then went to take some pictures for jesis new makeup portfolio in the afternoon. then i finally got to see my brother and he, richard, and i went to dinner at fuddruckers. it was a long day, but i had a blast!
check out all of jesis photos and the other shoots
she is doing on facebook!
totals for the week = 14.13 miles + 0 cross training days.

i felt pretty good about this week in the end. i had my first fall while running and took a couple forced rest days, but i was still able to get my miles in like i was supposed to! i feel like im finally starting to get this training/life/flexiblity thing handled:)

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