Sunday, October 2, 2011

the week 17 recap.

this was supposed to be my last by the book training week and it was all over the place instead! for very good reason, this is what happens when life happens in the middle of a training plan:) i did a good job adjusting, in my opinion, and made it work for me. that is the biggest key in the grand scheme of the training plan. you have to make it work for you. ps i apologize about last weeks recap, it was kind of awful. i promise to fix it this week!

10.15 miles =1:42:50 minutes/10:07 min/miles.

i was definitely hoping for a faster pace, but this one felt really good. i got up right on time and with richard out of town i didnt have to worry about waking anyone up. i didnt sleep great the night before so i was not at all surprised when my alarm went off. had my bagel and slice of ham for protein and i was off. the miles added up pretty easy and it felt a little weird to not be adding on to my previous week like i had been this whole time. it was the last long run of the cycle and i for sure felt like i could go farther. however, long beach was only 2 weeks away and i had to keep something in the tank. afterward i met up with my parents for breakfast and some girlie time with my mom:)
best recovery idea ever!
monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles =43:40 minutes/9:16 min/miles.

time for my runner group! we actually had 5 people this week and it was awesome. we had the super fasties up front who added on the extra 2 miles and me in the back:) anna kept us super on time and i dont think i have ever finished my group that fast haha. i brought up the rear on the uphill and the boys slowed down a little bit on the way back, while i still tried to keep up. the weather was great and their legs are seriously so dang long i have to take extra steps to keep up! but its awesome to have guys to keep up with!

tuesday~10 miles.

i switched my days again this week, i promise in my next cycle i will have it mapped out right! i took full advantage of rest day after 2 days of hard running. i slept in until 9:45am since i didnt have to go to work until 11am. it was a glorious morning of sleep and i am seriously diggin rest days during the week!

6am spin class.

we had yet another new teacher this week and it was actually her 1st class! she did really well and i actually liked the way she laid things out. time seemed to fly by and her song selection was pretty good. i didnt score a power nap after this one though, i had to get everything packed into my car and fix my handiwork on my signs for my trip to san diego. i really felt like i was running around like a bit of crazy person to get it all done.

thursday~body pump.
6.69 miles =1:00:30 minutes/9:02 min/miles.

this was the official homecoming for my brother so we were in san diego eager to pick him up. i woke up extra early since we didnt have to be to base until 10am to get my run in. this was the 1st time i have ever run out of town! i mapped out my run the day before at work and realized our hotel was less than a mile from the beach. i think this run was pure adrenaline/excitement. the weather was overcast and only 60*, it was beautiful and the perfect morning for a run. my time was amazing and i decided i should just move!
plus i found my dream home on
the beach and for sale!
friday~4 miles.
5.91 miles =1:02:00 minutes/10:29 min/miles.

i took a different route than the day before and ended up in oceanside from carlsbad. ps, thats not the prettiest city ever and my brother agrees. i was slow movin after all the excitement from the day before and staying out late with the boys while they drank that night. it was a pretty route, except for the end in oceanside, and seriously made me question why i live in las vegas haha. maybe one day i will be able to live closer to the beach...
how could you not want to
run next to this everyday??

sooo glad after all the craziness this last week that today was a rest day. i worked in the morning and ran errands with richard since we were apart for a few days. we also had a bbq that night at my parents house since my uncle was in town and the boys were now home:)

totals for the week = 27.47 miles + 1 cross training day!

hmmm...this was supposed to be a lighter week and i had the most mile in a week of my whole cycle! sometimes these things just happen and you have to go with the flow. i felt really good though about this week! i think i have this training thing down, no really. i have said that to myself in previous cycles and this one just feels different, better. i am super stoked about long beach and that particular race might really have something to do with it. bring it on! :)

7 days till the long beach 1/2 marthon!!!    

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