Thursday, March 1, 2012

the february training recap.

total mileage: 146.56 miles <- holy crap!!! woohoo ;)
# of runs/mileage: 9/42.35 miles
# of rides/mileage: 6/97.24 miles
# of swim/meters: 10/6,550 meters
highest weekly mileage: 41.12 miles
# rest days: 7
favorite run: hands down the color run! it was the funnest run i have ever done. plus i got to do it with my love and he was amazing. crossing that finish line with him was soo cool!
most hardcore run: the love on the run 10k. it was the 1st week of my tri-training and i think i jumped the gun about a week too early. the sad part is, it was only hard in my head. i had an awesome time 56:31, that’s a 7 minute pr from my last 10k!
current reads: everything triathlon. websites, magazines, blogs, all of it. i do realize that’s not a book, but it’s the best i got haha.
current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: the internet. i don’t think i have done this much googling ever. traveling, racing, triathlon tips, england things i need or want to do, seriously whoa.

current obsession: keeping myself full haha. with 2-a-days, harder workouts, new sports, and an extra day i am even more hungry all the time. the hard part is the balance. you cant just fill up on pizza and beer, it needs to be good things.
current drink: gatorade! i don’t think ive drank this much in a month in a long time. gotta get in those electro-lytes :)
current song: drink on it by blake shelton. love, love him!
current wish-list: more time in the day. seriously, with all this training and trying to fit life, school, work, and sleeping into 1 week is kicking my butt.
current need: to start gathering all my things for england. i have made a list, step in the right direction, time to start purchasing! plug converters, wedding gift, new book, etc.
current triumph: making it ¼ way through this cycle! it’s a little triumph, but its huge to me :)
current bane of my existence: not being good at swimming or biking for that matter. i mean i knew they would be hard, but dang, not this hard.
current goal: to personally feel that i am getting good at swimming and biking. yes there is a learning curve, but i want to feel comfortable walking my bike down the stairs before i get it on it or when i hop in the pool.
current indulgence: ice cream! i know its silly, but i have been eating it like crazy:)
current excitement: the countdown to england is getting soooo small. we are under 20 days people. i cant wait to celebrate love and hop the pond to my next adventure:)


Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

Wow! What a great month!! Keep up the good work!

I'm excited for your trip to England - I can only imagine how much fun it will be!!

~*katy beth*~ said...

thank you, thank you! I leave in 15 days and I can't wait :)

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