Sunday, March 18, 2012

the rage week 6 recap.

omg i made it half way!! this week was hard, i wont lie. i upped my training a little since i post this to you in england and will not be doing a full intense training week this week! plus i wanted to see where i really was being half way.

richard went to the nascar race for most of the day so i got spread across the bed and sleep as long as i wanted. he and my dad had a great time and i was productive at home with my homework. good day.
2 of my favorite boys:)
monday~600m am swim. 4-5 miles pm run.
600m swim = 80:28 pace
4.72 miles = 44:45 minutes/9:28 min/mile

my morning swim was pretty much a disaster. i think swallowed about half the pool and if not it went up my nose. i just couldnt find the groove till about the last 200 meters but they werent even great enough for me to think it salvaged it.
i think this might have been 1 of a very nights i didnt want to go to my runner group. i was having a girly day and just wanted to go home and crawl underneath my blankets. i even thought if i get there and no one is there i will just go home, yeah right. when there were a few newer faces at the store i knew that i had to go and i was determined to make the run better. derrick and i took it a little slower than normal, but was exactly what i needed. it was a little confidence booster and the weather was beautiful.

tuesday~1500 meter swim.
1500 meters = 66:30 pace

now this was a gooood swim! i was exhausted after going the full distance of the race, but it was worth it. derrick gave me this new training tool that helps with hip rotation and i realized how much that really makes a different. its a belt that sits on your waist with a tube on the back, inside the tube is a ball that hits the side when you rotate your hips enough to make it hit the wall. now its a little loud and im not sure the swimmers next to me love it so much, but what a difference!

6am spin class

this week was less sweat, more work! our instructor switched it up which really helped and i started really thinking about the value of spin in my training. i think it may be time for me to switch it up.

thursday~body pump.

i woke up to get ready for my 6am class (no swim today, check out tomorrows) and had a really bad stomachache. i decided that body pump was not a good idea so i headed back to bed for some extra sleep. and you know what, i didnt even feel bad ;)

friday~1000m swim. 20mi bike. 4ish mi run.
1000m swim = 64:22 pace
20.73 mile bike = 1:40:14 minutes/12.4 mph
4.2 mile run = 38:11 minutes/9:05 min/mile

so the reason i didnt have swim lined up thursday was because i had friday off so i decided to do a test run. wow. this stuff is no joke. i started out in the pool with the 1st 200m a little wobbly then i evened out pretty well to finish strong.
next was the bike with my longest ride ever. in this one i missed a turn, had 2 very close calls with cars, swallowed a bug, had my legs twitching so bad i had to get off the bike and felt like i was going to lose my breakfast big time. but i talked myself through it, didnt give up, got back on the bike, and finished strong. i was on a big athlete high after that one!
i can say enough how glad i am that the run is last. and i felt major in this training session. i have never trained this long in 1 day and wow did it kick my butt. plus by the time i got to run it was a little warm and the sun was out in full force. but i felt good, really good. i was super happy with that time!
plus i had to make room for all the yummy food
we had for richards birthday dinner!
saturday~4-6 mile run.
5.2 miles = 50:50 minutes/9:46 min/mile

this run was all about logging the miles and having some sort of training in before sitting on a plane for 8 hours tonight. my body was feeling pretty heavy from yesterday, not bad, just like i had worked it hard. the wind was out but not as bad as predicted. i just wanted to finish in under 10 minute miles and am very happy with my time.

total for the week=3,100m swam+38.73mi biked+14.12 mi ran

wow. just wow. i cant believe i finished this week! i knew it was heavy training and i could do it, still a lot to look back on. i feel so accomplished this week and am definitely having the i can do this feeling. i also realized its going to probably take about 4 hours for me to complete the whole race. that was a little eye opening since i have never raced that long and didnt really comprehend that it would be that long. but i feel good about going from one sport to the other, and learned i need to start out with a little more food on race morning to feel charged up enough!

33 days to the rage triathlon!!!

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Richard said...

You're going to be able to handle the Warrior Dash with ease :) I love you and so amazed of how great you're doing!

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