Sunday, March 4, 2012

the rage week 4 recap.

this week marked march 1st on the calendar officially saying that my triathlon is next month!! omg. its still a little hard to believe that i am going to be completing one so soon. not that there isnt a lot of training that has to happen between now and then to really feel ready!

i didnt do a darn thing all day and only wore pjs all day. best rest days:)
monday~500m am swim. 4-5 miles pm swim.
600m swim = 59:00 pace
4.72 miles = 42:41 minutes/9:02 min/mile

the pool was actually empty when i got there 1st which was great. then a few bigger/serious guys got in the lanes and totally knocked my confidence. it was good practice for race day i guess being surrounded by other people. i tried taking less breaks in between meters and concentrated on that instead.
it was only kevin and i this week for my runner group. he took off and so i listened to my ipod for the 1st time in quite a few weeks. the rain started early but quit early, the wind however was around me the whole time! yuck. i felt good though.

tuesday~1000m swim.
1000m swim = 67:35 pace

i hit 1000 meters!!! holy crap. it felt good, i was definitely tired at the end. kept out of my head (funny how much better you do when that happens) and just focused on the swim. i tried working on my breathing and being continuous, both which actually might be coming along. cant believe i hit it!!
6am spin class

we finally had a new playlist! which i didnt really think was possible, but meant more sweat. omg. i did start thinking about the value of spin and that i may need to change that up when i get back from england. hmmm, we'll see!
soaking up my last day of ice cream:)
thursday~500m swim. body pump.
600m swim = 61:41 pace
6am body pump class

happy 1st day of march! things ran smooth, almost like clockwork, almost. the meters ticked by pretty quick and it was time for body pump pretty fast. i did learned while in the pool that my ear plugs only last about 3 weeks before new ones are needed haha!  
i think i actually might be getting the hang of the back-to-backs! quick rinse off, eat some gu, drink some water, off to body pump. then about 2/3rds of the way through class i was starving! the bicep track kicked my butt and i was definitely sore throughout the day.
i started the #marchphotoaday challenge
with my "up" times on thursdays!
friday~12 mile bike.
13.45 miles bike = 1:10:17 minutes/11.10 mph
2.03 miles ran = 17:23 minutes/8:33 min/mile

i had my 1st successful bike ride!! the cars werent as scary, i readjusted so my back didnt hurt as bad, the hills were tough and i powered through, plus i was able to figure out the gears. other than being frozen like a popsicle for a long time after i felt great!
i was determined to try the run afterward again. i was literally with in 5 seconds of my pace last week! figured out i need to take small strides in the beginning till my body untightens after the bike. well on my way to figuring it all out:)

saturday~4-6 miles.
5.2 miles = 47:45 minutes/9:10 min/mile

this was the best run in a really long time! i felt so strong and my body felt amazing. i got enough sleep the night before and had some pasta on the side for dinner friday night to get some extra carbs. i think my body actually might be adjusting:)

total for the week = 2,200m swam+33.75mi biked+11.95mi run

this week felt good. i realized at the end of last week that i needed to take my training one day at a time. i was stressing myself out and making things out so much bigger than i needed it to be. so i had to take a step back and again remind myself to take it one day at a time. once i did that i was able to concentrate on that days training and make the most of it! i also realized that thursdays and fridays are destined to be my hungry days. i literally want 1 of everything i am so hungry!
47 days till the rage triathlon!!!

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