Thursday, March 1, 2012

the march photo a day challenge.

i saw people participating in this challenge last month and decided way too late i should have joined. i thought it was a 1 time thing, so when i saw a friend on twitter talk about the march photos i was wayyy excited! i love instagram. seriously i do. its so fun and pretty much how i take all my pictures with my phone these days. friends have even hopped on the train with me in using it. besides who doesnt love filters and borders on photos:)
the (insert the month here) photo a day challenge was created by fat mum slim in sydney, australia! she started it in january and had a huge success that people just kept asking for more months. straight from her latest post...

here's how to play:
♥ starting on march 1st take a photo each day with inspiration from the prompt. for example prompt 1 is 'up', so take a photo looking up. or of the word 'up'. or something that lifts your mood 'up'. it is totally up to you how you want to interpret it.

♥ once you've taken your photo you can share it on instagram, facebook {on your own profile or business page}, twitter, flickr, your blog, pinterest, tumblr or even just keep them in a folder on your desktop. if you're sharing on twitter or instagram add the hashtag #marchphotoaday so others can find your photos too.

note: for day 20 you'll see that it says 'before / after'. again, you can interpret this however you like. i thought it would be cool for people to use an app like picframe to show two photos in one. it could be a meal before eating and the plate after. it could be anything! if you don't have any iphone or don't want to buy an app - just use your imagination and either take two photos or work it into just one.

i will post mine on facebook and twitter (which you can follow on the links). here is also the link to view the photos online. im super excited about this new fun challenge!! plus it involves photos, i am so in :) heres my first one...

my up time on thursdays!


Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

Fun!!! I saw this yesterday and took an "up" photo - but I couldn't decide if I was ready to commit to the whole month. Buuut I think I'm going to join in the fun! I guess I'll just be starting on the 2nd and yesterdays photo will have to go up today too :)

Redhead Running said...

I too saw the Feb photo challenge and decided way to late to jump on board. I'm thinking I may just have to get in on March's though. (A day late but who's counting)

~*katy beth*~ said...

you girls should totally join in! I'm liking it already :)

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