Sunday, March 25, 2012

the rage week 7 recap.

this week was amazing and one I had been looking forward to for a very long time. however, it didnt exactly fit in with my training well. I had pre-planned things and knew how I would work around it anyway, ever the planner. but trust me, there was noo shortage of exercise this trip! we pretty much walked and toured different cities for 5 straight days! don't worry, all those posts are coming this week :)


well it wasnt my ideal way to rest, but plane flights, international travel, and wayyy new timezones is something you can't pass up when one of your best friends gets married :)

4.3 miles =43:30 minutes/10:00 min/mile

i woke up so ready for my running tour! i was to meet lloyd outside the tower hill tube station and he was right on time. it was just the 2 of us and i learned all kinds of cool facts about london while running! seriously, other cities need to come up with something this cool. plus i got my 4-5 miles in I needed and didn't have to figure out where to go. full recap coming later this week :)

i warned you this week was funky as far as training! this was our 2nd day in london and after the running in the morning and all the walking around the city we did throughout the day i was glad i didn't run that morning.
wednesday~4-5 miles.
5.5 miles = 52:50 minutes/9:36 min/mile

we arrived in durham late tuesday night but that didn't stop me from gettin up early wednesday to run before we jetted off to york. we had a later train so i was able to explore the city on my feet. my legs felt good, really good and excited to run. now nate had talked to me for years about how hilly durham is, but I had noooo idea how hilly! it was beautiful and i even got to end my run at the durham castle. i felt so accomplished that morning. then i got to talk to my love after a quick shower for the 1st time in 3 days:)

there was no way i was getting up to run! haha. we had an 830a train to edinburgh and the travel was definitely catching up with me. i gladly took the extra few minutes to sleep :)

friday~4-5 miles.
6.75 miles = 1:03:40 minutes/9:26 min/mile

once we had been durham a little bit more i thought i could try a new route. i for sure did not think that one through! i started out well, but think i took a wrong turn and couldn't find my way back. my legs didnt feel as good as wednesday and they really didn't like the extra hills, but we powered through. getting lost did give me some extra miles that i wasn't planning on, but gladly took.
the wedding day!!

total for the week = 0m swam+0mi biked+16.6mi run

i remembered this week how much i love to run. and doing it sometimes without anything to train for is really ok. after this triathlon i really may take some racing time off, "may" :)

26 days to the rage triathlon!!!

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