Saturday, March 17, 2012

the learning curve.

wednesday this week marked a big day for me. i am officially half way through my triathlon training!!! now i realize this is mostly a big deal for me, but i thought i would share some of the things i have learned along the way...

*training for 3 sports is hard
holy crap. i knew this would be no cake walk, but wow. and not just the physical aspect but the time and energy as well.
*people look at you different when
you tell them your training for a tri
im used to goofy looks about the things i sign up for. the eye-rolling, the wow your crazy sighs as i talk about my training plan for this race. but these looks are different, these are impressed.

*swim caps do not keep your hair dry
not really sure why i thought they would, but definitely not.
*you will be come a master
at time-management
trying to fit in 3 sports into 1 persons schedule means lots of plans.

*40* riding is wayyyy different
than 40* running
im like a popsicle every friday when i come home.

*i have never been so hungry
in my whole life
this hunger is totally different compared to 1/2 marathon hunger, especially after a 2-a-day.

*swimming is hard
now i realize this is nothing new for some. and i by no means thought it would be easy, but dang its like really hard.

*people will give you advice no
matter if you ask for it or not
now sometimes this can be helpful, but when its the same thing over and over, not so much

*no amount of spin will ever
prepare you for a real bike.
enough said!

*running will always be my true love
if this training teaches me nothing else, it will restore any doubts i had about running, ever
*swimming might be the best
ab workout i have ever had
there are muscles in there i have never worked out!

*people will be mean
they will tell you it cant be that hard. or i always thought i would do that one day (as they sit on the couch and havent worked out in years). or tell you your crazy for this. 

*support from your family and friends
might be the only thing that keeps you going
a strong team around you is soooo important. there will be days you come home and so exhausted and had the worst training session ever. there encouragement might be the reminder you need to get out the door the next day.
 *this may be the hardest thing
i have done in my whole life
enough said.


Megan said...

Girl I'm super proud of you! And those are definitely some major lessons! I can't wait for your big day and to hear (er... read) all about it!

Strange looks make it more fun, don't they? ;)

Nicole @ The Marvelous Misasventures of a Foodie said...

I love your list!! I was thinking of doing something like this after my tri :)

Haha I couldn't agree more with some of those! Especially the swim cap one.. I really thought my hair would stay dry, boy was I disappointed when I took it off the first time :)

~*katy beth*~ said...

right, nicole! can't wait to read your list too :)

thanks megan! and now that I'm use to the looks I know what to expect lol. bring it on :)

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