Sunday, January 29, 2012

the 1 week to tinkerbell recap.

its race week! wow, i cant believe this is really my 3rd race in 16 weeks. i did it! i am really glad this one fell last because i think it will be the most fun. its not as serious as the others and i know that my last pr is safe for quite awhile. running through disneyland and stopping to take pictures with all the characters out for the runners doesnt really lend to a pr haha. which is perfectly fine with me, cause you know im going to stop at everyone of them:) so while i am off at the happiest place on earth check out how my last week shaped up!


i really love my sunday rest days! richard and i went to meet a friend for her birthday coffee and that was the extent of our out of the house for the day. we stopped at ulta on the way home so i could pick up some nail polish for race weekend and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching things on our dvr. 
had to try them out;)
the funniest part is that i forgot to
take it off before work the next day haha!
monday~4-5 miles
5.12 miles = 46:30 minutes/9:04 min/miles

last time at my runners group for a couple weeks and there were only 3 of us. derrick just about killed me up the hill and then by the time we turned around to come back down i was spent. looking at my pace after i realized why! 

tuesday~4 miles
5.31 miles = 51:44 minutes/9:44 min/miles

my last run of the cycle! this one was all about getting the miles in. i was hoping for a little bit better pace, but after the run the night before i was happy with finishing haha. when i got home i realized the next time i would be running through the happiest place on earth!!
my prize for winning bingo at work!
i have a good team:)
6am spin class

the class before us of course ran long again and its starting to really frustrate my teacher i think. we had a good ride, mostly speedwork which is a big change for her. i liked it!


i am officially done with my training cycle! that means time to rest up and carb up for this weekend. i cant lie, i love this part of the cycle:)
a cupcake is a carb right??
rest/travel day

working saturdays at my job means you can shave off hours during the week. so i worked last saturday then worked a couple extra here and there to score friday off from work! that means i got to sleep in and hang out till my mom gets here so we can hit the road. this is the 2nd race in a row that i have taken the friday before off and i seriously dig it.

rest/expo day        

the expo was amazing as always! all women and running focused, my kinda place. we made it there right after it opened and it was busy already. after wondering around for about a hour and a half we finished up and met kyle for lunch in downtown disney! my mom had a few things for him and we were able to make our schedules work. we ate at tortilla jo's thank goodness my family likes mexican as much as i do! 
at the expo with our bibs! before mom tripped
on the thing on the floor resulting in a huge
bruise and a night of icing before the race lol.
totals for the week = 10.43 miles + 1 day of cross-training

i am seriously proud of myself for sticking through my training for the last few months! it was pretty tough, i wont lie. the early mornings, the serious amounts of food i ate to keep myself fueled, and the support i got from the people around me was awesome! sitting here realizing that i am about to complete 1/2 marathon #7 is amazing. who would have ever thought 3 years ago i would finish 1 let alone 7?! it was definitely not me. or be blogging about it and all of the amazing people reading all about it every week?! again, definitely not me. this is a seriously cool journey and i am loving it! thank you for following along and offering words of encouragement:)

0 days till the tinkerbell 1/2 marathon!!!!

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