Thursday, January 19, 2012

the 2012 real life preview.

so after looking at my running preview for this year i got super excited. then i remembered all of the other things im also doing this year and had to share them with you of course:) now there are more things being added all the time for this list just like the running one. but here are the things i have so far!

3/17/12-3/26/12 : england!!

one of my best friends from undergrad is getting married! he traveled to england to earn his masters and fell in love with an amazing girl, whos name is also katie, she has to be cool then:) so we are heading across the pond to celebrate their wedding! i am seriously soo super excited. i cant wait to head back to england and do the tourist thing with friends from college. richard is unfortunately not going to be able to make it, but i am going to meet friends when i get there.
after getting married in a church,
this is where the reception will be!
3/30/12 : 1/2 way done!

i will be officially half way to my masters degree!! that will end my 5th class and i have ten total. oh i cant wait:)

4/14/12 : kristin and seans wedding : phoenix, az

my senior year i got to live the 2 best roommates, jessica and kristin. there was another one, but she was nuts, so we just talk about the fun things with the 3 of us lol. while distance definitely hasnt been on our side we have all stayed friends since. finally her awesome fiance sean popped the question and they are getting married! they decided to do a destination wedding to hawaii with just their immediate families and best man/maid of honor. but 1 month later we are all heading to phoenix(where they live) to have a big reception! i cant wait to see them and hang out with jessica for the weekend which also happens to be her birthday weekend! richard is for sure coming to this one and we have already booked our plane tickets to head to the party:)
standing outside san felipes at 530am for tequila sunrise!
homecoming 2007.
6/2/12 : andrew and stephanies wedding : reno, nv

i first met andrew and stephanie at mike and loras wedding in august 2010. they were so cool and live in reno. it was fun to have another couple around. soon we found out they were joining us on the hiking adventure to the grand canyon. they were coming 1 day after, but we would be able to hang out down there and head out of the canyon together. during their 1st day we hiked to a few waterfalls and they had a moment together right next to a beautiful waterfall. i look up in the next moment and andrew is on one knee with sparkly ring in his hand asking stephanie to marry him!! it was seriously so awesome to be part of that moment:) so we will be headed up north to celebrate their wedding!
she said yes!!
6/8/12-6/10/12 : san francisco, ca

the next weekend (tentatively) i will be heading to see my grandparents in benecia, ca just outside of san francisco. richard and his friends are going to this huge festival called edc here in vegas and i have been really wanting to go visit my grandparents on my own. so since its a 3 night festival and he will sleeping during the day/partying at night and i wont see him anyway, i think its the perfect weekend to get away:) they live in the cutest town and its only a ferry ride to the city. plus my grandma is a fantastic cook so i will be eating a ton while im there!
when richard and i visited them on our trip to
san francisco in 2009.
i was sooo sick in this picture haha.
new years-tba

after wandering the strip this year and seeing all the tourists here we started thinking about maybe going somewhere new. or at the very least doing something totally new. weve talked about warm places or even getting a room on the strip instead. definitely want to shake it up!
maybe here...
or here...
this is going to be a big year, i can feel it! there are so many exciting things lined up for richard and i this year:) i cant wait to share them all with you guys!

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Emma said...

Oh wow, your year sounds like it's going to be full of amazing memories! I'm so jealous that you have all of these weddings to go to - such a great excuse to travel!

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