Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the 2012 running preview.

2011 was a more amazing running year then i ever could have imagined. i never thought it would have morphed into something that cool and accomplished. if you havent read all about it, check it out here.
now after that kind of opening, how do i top it? i had been thinking about it for awhile and was even a little nervous because i didnt have a real plan. but when i actually started to look, i really did, it just wasnt the same as 2011.

this year, 2012 was going to be totally different. i found that i had things so many serious things scheduled out that i didnt get to some of the fun things others were doing. so that is my 2012 inspiration! here we gooooo...

1/29/12 : inaugural tinkerbell 1/2 marathon : disneyland, ca

i signed up for this race pretty much as soon as it came out. my mom and i are headed to the happiest place on earth on our own, no boys allowed for a girls weekend topped off with an all women race! i am getting sooo excited:)
2/25/12 : the color run : las vegas, nv

one of the girls i work with told me to go check out this website and i would instantly want to sign up. she was sooo right! this is going to be one of the funnest runs ever. its a 5k held in downtown vegas. its also going to richards first 5k ever! we are going to get to do it together:) words cannot explain this race fully, just check out this video...

4/28/12 : the warrior dash: phoenix, az
richard actually brought up that some of his friends wanted to do this race. i was all for being a spectator...until i watched the video and told him there was no way i could sit on the side! it looks sooo awesome. we are now heading to az 2 weeks after we are already going to be there for a wedding to do this totally sweet race. check this video out too!

10/14/12 : the nike womens 1/2 marathon : san francisco, ca

now after registering for tinkerbell, i had to promise my family i wouldnt race 1/2 marathons for at least 4 months. my mom headed this idea and tried to make it 6 months. this needs all of your hopes, fingers/arms/legs crossed, prayers so i can get in this year! its a pure lottery. there are roughly 40,000+ women that enter into the random lottery and only 20,000 are actually picked. i didnt get in last year, but did awesome at the long beach 1/2 instead. this year i want in even worse then last year! hopefully megan and i can get in together! nike is definitely more than 4 months, but now i have some options to through things in the middle it i want.
source (both)
11/2/12-11/3/12 : the ragnar relay : las vegas, nv

i missed out big time on this race last year and swore that i would participate no matter what this year! its a 195 mile relay with teams of 12 runners split in 2 vans of 6 each running 3 legs each. i have heard amazing things about this race and will not miss it this year. my runner group had 2 teams last year, so im hoping to have some options:)

now yes, there are some rather large holes in this schedule, and i kinda dig it. plus this gives me some time to plug other races if i want. and you never know what might pop up in the next few months;) this year its going to have a different feel, a freedom almost! i cant wait to see where 2012 will take me:)


Vanessa said...

Dang look at you go!!! Keep me informed on the race you and richard and going. Ill try not to make plans that day so I can go support you two. :)

~*katy beth*~ said...

ok! it will be so cool:)

Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

So fun! I have a few races in common with you for this year :) I'm doing the Tinker Bell Half and the Warrior Dash! The color run looks awesome but here in AZ it falls on the same weekend as the Tinker Bell race.

Aand holy cow...this is the first I've heard of the Nike Women's Marathon (where the heck have I been?!??) - it looks amazing. I mean, a Tiffany's necklace? How can you go wrong!? haha

Happy racing in 2012!

~*katy beth*~ said...

obesessing over nike will take over your life till you get the email with the verdict haha! are you doing the warrior dash in phoenix?? cause i will be there:)

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