Sunday, January 22, 2012

the 2 weeks to tinkerbell recap.

my last full week of training! wow, are we really here. this month has already flown by and i realized this morning that 1 week from today i will officially have some new bling:) but before we look too far ahead, lets look back at what happened this week!
and the 10 forecast came up for race day!
its going to be beautiful:)

i was super glad i got up to do my run saturday morning because it was crazy windy here on sunday. i figured i pretty much done all my long runs saturday, why change it. glad i stuck with that plan!

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles = 42:10 minutes/8:56 min/mile

my running partner was back this week and we even had 2 new people join us. i got to hear all about the goofy challenge which is freakin crazy. if you havent heard of it, its at disneyworld and runners do the 1/2 marathon on saturday then turn around sunday and do the full marathon! insanity. i mean its awesome, and i have mad respect for anyone that wants to do that, but dang. hardcore. so we got to talking about that and tinkerbell the next weekend i didnt even notice that we were motoring up and down the hill. it was pretty chilly and we had a good time:)
tuesday~4 miles.
5.31 miles = 49:55 minutes/9:24 min/mile

after a good run monday i was definitely ready to have another one tuesday morning. it was super cold, 28* when i headed out. i like this route and seem to have been running it a lot which is ok with me. felt really good the whole way, until the last 3/4s of a mile when my right hip started having shooting pain. we are talking to the point that i was almost in tears when i made it back to the complex. now i couldnt let myself slow down that close to home which im sure made it hurt more. but it was a good reminder that i definitely need some new shoes after tinkerbell!

6am spin class

we finally got new music and the class was packed. we started almost on time haha, the class before keeps running over. i wasnt wild about the ride she gave us, but it was a good workout and i felt very accomplished when i got done!

thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class

it was my last official body pump class of my training cycle! which i think might be a good thing because our new release comes out next week i keep hearing its super tough. i felt like this week i conquered some new weight on the arms and shoulder tracks and was really digging the extra weight. until i came home and put on my jeans and noticed that they were a little tighter in the thighs and butt, the waist fit great. i noticed the same thing friday in a pair of dress pants. i also noticed my thighs are getting a little more muscular which should be a good thing, except i can add weight there sooo easily! i have battled with this pretty much my whole life. they are always bigger than the rest of my body and so pants are very tricky. since im done with body pump for this week im going to try and figure out what im going to do about this dilemma. go back to previous weight on leg tracks so i dont pack on the muscle or live with it and still add the weight on arm tracks? decisions, decisions.
how far is too far??
friday~4 miles.
6.2 miles = 55:43 minutes/8:59 min/mile

i woke up feeling really good and really ready to run. i wanted the 2 rest days this weekend so i made friday a run day and it was amazing. i was hoping for 6, but was going based off how my body felt. i felt sooo good the whole run and didnt really pay attention to anything but the road. i knew i was running even, but not at such a great pace. this was seriously one of the best runs i have had in a long while!


already having decided to make this a rest day was perfect especially once i heard about the major wind advisory we were supposed to be having all day. and man did mother nature come through with that one! i gladly stayed in bed in the morning and inside at work instead of being blown all over the road. 

totals for the week = 16.23 miles + 2 days of cross-training.

this week i remembered the value of having training and a goal in my life. things at work have been really crazy the last few weeks and lots of changes are happening/coming. without having my training to get all of that out and know i have something to look forward to outside the office, i dont know what i would have done. yes it makes for early mornings. and yes there are days when i am literally hungry all day. but realizing i am about to put 1/2 marathon #7 under my belt in a week is seriously cool and totally worth it! i love having something that is totally mine and not dependent on anyone else:) 

7 days till the tinkerbell 1/2 marathon!!! 

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Nicole @ The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie said...

Hi Katy! Great job on your training - you'll rock the Tinker Bell Half!! Glad I found your blog and get to read about a fellow runner/blogger :)

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