Saturday, January 14, 2012

the phantom date.

for christmas this year i was majorily surprised with 2 tickets to phantom of the opera at the venetian for saturday, january 7th!! i couldnt wait for the day as we had decided to make it a date with dinner before to really make it a date. originally i was going to be off that day so we could spend the day lounging around together and doing a few errands after my long 10 miler in the morning. then i my schedule got fuller and fuller with an open house in the morning and a hair conditioning in the afternoon. so the errands moved to sunday and the 10 miler became a super early 415a alarm.
the morning and afternoon seemed to fly by with an awesome 10 miler, successful open house, a lunch craving satisfied at jasons deli, i was falling asleep under the dryer at the hair salon. i knew a nap was going to be in order, just didnt realized it was that bad haha. so i curled up on the couch while richard was out with friends watching the football game.

we had planned to leave at 7p so we could make it down to the venetian to find somewhere to eat with plenty of time before the show. i had checked out a few places online and saw a few good places but wasnt sure was gonna dig them. hes more of a meat and potatoes guy, not so much the fancy food. i knew there would be somewhere no matter. we finally decided on the grand lux cafe and it was amazing! it had a wide selection, my meal was sooo good, and richard devoured/inhaled his. the cafe was right next to the theater so we didnt have to hurry.
delicious! and plenty for leftovers:)
the line really wasnt bad and i was getting really excited with all the people. we got into the theater pretty early and had fantastic seats, 7 rows from the front. i had seen phantom about 6 years ago in new york and richard had never seen it or anything like it. we werent allowed to take pictures in the theater, i tried to sneak one and this really mean lady yelled at me.
 the show was amazing!!! it was totally different then the new york show. there were fireworks and the chandelier came down on the crowd! i was super glad we werent sitting a few rows back haha. we headed home afterward, not before stopping at almost every sweet shop and bakery to find a delicious dessert for me to take home.
red velvet, one of my favorites!
it was a great night and we had so much fun talking together! we seem to be doing more grown up things lately, shows, new dinner places, group movie dates (thats this weekend), adventures on the strip for new years. i really dig it:)

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