Sunday, January 8, 2012

the 4 weeks to tinkerbell recap

finally the 1st full week of january which means race month! the countdown is getting very real and i realized i only have 1 more long run after this week. i wasnt totally sure i was going to be ready, but this week proved no matter how it starts, its all about how you finish.


gladly! after a night on the strip i slept in till at least 1p and needed it. we spent the day grocery shopping and taking the christmas decorations down. then my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner. it was a nice relaxing day.

monday~4-5 miles.
5.12 miles = 46:20 minutes/9:02 min/mile

i had been looking forward to getting back to my group run on monday after not being there for 2 weeks. we even had 2 new people this week! then we started actually running, and it was ugly. my body definitely still had the leftovers from the all night partying saturday night and it was loud and clear that this run wasnt going to be fun. my legs and body were heavy plus that hill kicked my butt. derrick and i hung back, both struggling to keep a pace. it for sure made me remember why i eat the way i do now. its hard to say no sometimes and stick to my guns, but this kind of run is not fun or something i want to do all the time. good thing i got to go home and have richard there! he was off for new years and made dinner:)
dinner and flowers??
hes the best:)
tuesday~4 miles.
5.31 miles = 51:20 minutes/9:40 min/mile

after my disastrous run on monday i was determined to make this better. so i had a great dinner with my love and a good night sleep to wake up tuesday. my pace wasnt as fast as monday, but that doesnt always matter. my body felt great! and i listened to an old playlist from my first training cycle which definitely put me in a good mood:)

6am spin class

i went ready to throw elbows to get my bike and space with all the new years resolutioners. the class before us went long so i got to check out my competition and there wasnt much to be honest. the gym was packed in the cardio area and the weight section, but the class wasnt really. there were some new faces which was nice but it wasnt crazy at all.

thursday~body pump.
6am body pump class

with spin not being super crazy the day before i was hoping body pump would be the same way. turns out it was pretty empty! we had our regular sub back, thank goodness. i kept with my new weight and it felt really good.
a good workout in the morning and a super
cute new bag delivered to my front door
makes the middle stuff not matter.

i was glad to not be training and catch up on a little sleep after a crazy week of homework. plus i had to rest up for my long run on saturday!

saturday~10 miles.
10.15 miles = 1:38:14 minutes/9:40 min/mile

my alarm time kept getting earlier and earlier as saturday approached. i wanted to run saturday morning because i had a hot date with my love to see phantom of the opera late. i knew there was no way i was getting up sunday after. then i found out i had to work. and it was open house so i had to be there at 8a. that meant a 415a alarm! i was able to go to bed early friday night and was up pretty easily. this was one of those runs that just felt good. i had enough warm clothes, enough fuel, sleep, and carbs the night before. i tried out a new stopwatch and my mind was running just as fast as it was. around mile 8 though i started getting really hungry and was ready to go home for breakfast. made me remember why we have gu stations around that point in races. 
best christmas present ever!!

totals for the week = 20.58 miles + 2 cross-training days.

this weeks workouts went from one side of the spectrum to the other. im glad it ended with the good spectrum:) it also showed me the value of good food and keeping to my training plan. i also started to get really excited about disneyland! a friend was taking her boys this weekend so we talked a lot about it this week getting me ready for the race and the park:)

21 days to the tinkerbell 1/2 marathon!!!


Megan said...

Yay us! I know this'll sound weird, but it's good to know that even experience racers (yes, you're experienced!) still ahve those off days.. it makes me feel better. Hahaha. We're almost there! :)

~*katy beth*~ said...

thank you! we are getting so close, i cant wait:)

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