Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the 2011 running recap.

in 2011 my running went to a whole new height. each 1/2 marathon i did i scored a pr! i didnt get into nike but had a fantastic end of the year streak with a little experiment. plus i started holiday running, which means silly outfits! it made me realize that even in sports you have to silly sometimes:)

january~26 miles

i joined daily mile! i decided this was the year i was going to track my progress and starting to time my runs. if i was going to really do it, i had to do it right. plus i was starting my nashville cycle and i was curious how many miles i was running in a cycle. no time like the new year to start keeping track!

february~44.4 miles

the wheels were turning about what i wanted out of this year race wise and what i wanted to turn my blog into. i didnt blog nearly enough in february i realize now. but who doesnt love a little love:)
my valentines day present!
march~63.66  miles

a few girls from work decided they wanted to join the runner craze and do a 5k with me. we had a blast and kristle took 2nd place in our age group, i took 3rd! plus i dipped my toe in the runner talk on my blog:)
to catch a leprechaun 5k!
i also started to get a little restless about not racing distances and realized that i probably needed to do it more often!

april~80.3 miles

i completed 1/2 marathon #4 where it all began! richard and i got to go to our 1st race by ourselves. i turned him around the wrong way, but he trekked his way to the finish line to see me at the end. amazing:)
country music 1/2 marathon
nashville, tn
may~36.57 miles

i learned the value of a runner group! i joined the sin city road runners and am soooo glad i got to met some new runner friends:) and i hit my 2 year runniversary!
it gets hot in vegas!!
june~43.7 miles

i know its not running, but i conquered the grand canyon! we went hiking/camping up and down the canyon with great friends:)
july~62.64 miles

richard and i celebrated our 2 year anniversary! plus we got to watch lots of womens soccer for the world cup and i got inspired for fitness. i know it sounds silly, but watching those women was sooo cool!
silly love:)
august~80.91 miles

i decided to embarq on a crazy race season to join in on a few new fun things! after not getting into nike i signed up for long beach instead then joined into the vegas 1/2 marathon which was running for the 1st time at night and signed up for the inagural tinkerbell 1/2 in disneyland. 3 1/2s in 16 weeks? it was going to be interesting:)
thank goodness for these guys keeping me on track!

september~92.66 miles

i turned 26 and had my highest mileage of the year! i was definitely getting ready for long beach:) and i got to the 9/11 run which was amazing and so moving.
mandy chang #1212
october~73.94 miles

the return to long beach was complete, with a huge 10 minute pr from nashville! then a week later i joined debi on her 40 miler for her 40th birthday. seriously this lady knows how to rock!
long international city bank 1/2 marathon
long beach, ca
november~92.64 miles

my mom and i completed our 1st turkey trot and our 1st trail run! it was cool to do it out at the dam, but i dont think trail running is for me, im wayy to girly for that:)
the 12k turkey trot
hoover dam, nv
december~66.69 miles

i got to experience the craziness of the vegas rock and roll 1/2 marathon with 43,999 of my closest friends. it was also the 2nd stop on race season craze and it felt fantastic. i had a very quick 8 week turnaround and my body responded great! i felt so ready for the race and a finish just shy (38 seconds to be exact) of my dream pr.
rock and roll las vegas 1/2 marathon
the strip, las vegas, nv

come run with santa 5k
las vegas, nv
total for 2011... 768.89 miles!!!

thank you for reading my all about all about living with a boy and my crazy running adventures. i cant wait to see what 2012 will bring! im ready:)

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Megan said...

Love it - you go girl. I'm excited for this year... ready to kick my running up a notch too! :)

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