Sunday, January 15, 2012

the 3 weeks to tinkerbell recap.

this week had crazy written all over it, and let me tell you it definitely did not disappoint. it was the first week of school at work, my midterm was do for my own class, and my highest mileage of the training cycle was on deck. told ya, crazy written all over it. i tried to keep it all together and almost did for the most part, but my all out crying mess to the past 2 episodes on greys anatomy on thursday night reminded me to take care of me a little bit sometimes. (seriously are you guys watching?! i havent even watched this weeks yet because i couldnt handle another roller coaster haha!) ok, back to the training. it was actually really successful this week. i also very much think this helps keep me sane most of time:)


after a very long and super fun day on saturday capped off with an amazing date with my love, i was sooo ready for a rest day. apparently so was my body because i slept for 12+ hours and didnt wake up until almost 230p on sunday afternoon. i love my rest days!

monday~4-5 miles.
4.72 miles = 43:30 minutes/9:12 min/miles

this week felt soooo much better than last week. there were only 4 of us so reggie slowed down a little for me and i got to hear all the cool stories about the angel race over the weekend. my body felt normal again on this run and i wasnt struggling for every step like last week. it was also quite a bit chillier so we moved to stay warm hehe.

tuesday~4 miles.
5.31 miles = 51:10 minutes/9:38 min/miles

with such a good run monday i woke up ready to go tuesday for another one. i left my music at home partly because i wanted too and partly because i couldnt find my ipod anyway. i forgot how much that keeps you going and not thinking about other things. the cute guy hanging out the window giving my encouragement wasnt a bad deal though:)

6am spin class

i found out in class that we ride an average of 20 miles! dang, in an hour. i was impressed. the class was much fuller this week with new faces. it was a good ride and i felt pretty accomplished after.
my little reward for finishing
all my homework wednesday night.
sometimes you just need a pick-me-up.
thursday~body pump.
6am body pump

our regular instructor was finally back and i think everyone knew it because the class was packed! she also informed us that a new release is on its way and its way tougher than this one. of course, since i just got this one under control haha.


i gladly took the day after my teary evening and crazy week with both schools just about over. i also only had to work a half day! so i came home and took it out cleaning instead. luckily had something super fun to look forward to that night...disney on ice, toy story 3 style! my friend vanessa had texted earlier in the week saying she had an extra ticket and i jumped all over it. heck yes i will go see toy story. i had never seen an on ice production and it was really good! sooo super cute we had a really good girly time.
the claw will save them!!
thats right we all went, and no
we didnt have any kids with us:)
saturday~11 miles.
11.3 miles = 1:48:46 minutes/9:37 min/miles

i woke up not feeling so great, my balance felt really off. i decided to try and get the miles in and just be happy with whatever that was. about mile 2 though my body figured out the right groove and i was able to pick it up. it was also my 2nd long run with my new stopwatch. nothing fancy, no gps, just a regular timer and i kinda dig it. i dont think i would have realized what my first 2 miles did to me if i hadnt had it help me even things out for the last 9. i was still a little off balance when i got home but felt better after a nap later on.
post long run/nap breakfast.
egg tacos with bananas and chocolate milk:)
i had to make sure i was better because i was meeting some girlfriends for dinner qdoba (i have been having a major craving lately) and then to see beauty and the beast 3d!! it is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time and i could not wait to see it in theaters! originally it was going to be a date night but turned into a girls night, which might have been a better thing anyway. it was sooo good and i only cried a little bit:)

totals for the week = 21.33 miles + 2 cross-training days

this week was pretty crazy and a bit of an emotional roller coaster between all the things going on. but through all of it i was able to keep my training on track and get everything done in all the other parts. i even able to get 2 girly nights in:) sometimes its all about the balance! plus my 2 nights of disney got me all ready and excited for tinkerbell in 2 short weeks!!

14 days to the tinkerbell 1/2 marathon!!!

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Vanessa said...

Yay for disney nights!!! And 2 more weeks till your tinkerbell run! With your stats, you so got that run in the bag. :P

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